Equiside Puppies

Below, Delta with her pups (Sired by Philipp - July 2007)

Delta's pups at 7 weeks. My how they grow!

Delta-with Philipp pups July 2007

Delta-Philipp pups July 2007

Damaris Damaris (left)


From the Delta's litter above, this is
Equiside Dragus (below).

This is
Equiside Deister. (below)

Below is Equiside Diktator (from the same litter as Dragus & Deister) at 4 months old on a visit back to Equiside. This is
Equiside Dexel. (below)

Brubeck was born November 2006. He was the only pup born at the vets by C Section to Binnie and Cory.

We think he is very special and hope you do too.
We will update his pictures as he grows.

Brubeck 4 days old

Brubeck 3 and 1/2 weeks old

Brubeck 3 and 1/2 weeks old

Brubeck 7 weeks old

Brubeck 15 weeks old

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